Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Have You Seen This Goal?

In this edition of Have You Seen This Goal? our good friend Kaka makes an appearance.

Kaka has come under some criticism by Real Madrid supporters for his lack of goals since his big money transfer from AC Milan, however I believe his lack of form can be entirely attributed to his lack of health the majority of his tenure at Madrid.

Kaka is now healthy and this goal is a certain sign that the Kaka of old is back.

In this video Kaka takes a pass from Karim Benzema and nutmegs the defender before putting the ball in the back of the net for his second goal of the game.

Enjoy some Brazilian magic:

Power Rankings April 2011

Here is who I believe the best club teams and best players currently are in Europe at the moment.

The Best Teams and Players in the World (As of April 2011)

Club Teams:
1. Barcelona (Spain)
2. Real Madrid (Spain)
3. Manchester United (England)
4. AC Milan (Italy)
5. Chelsea (England)
6. Schalke 04 (Germany)
7. Arsenal (England)
8. Lille (France)
9. Inter Milan (Italy)
10. Dortmund (Germany)

1. Lionel Messi (Barcelona)
2. Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
3. Xavi (Barcelona)
4. Mesut Ozil (Real Madrid)
5. David Luiz (Chelsea)
6. Gareth Bale (Tottenham)
7. David Villa (Barcelona)
8. Andres Iniesta (Barcelona)
9. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (AC Milan)
10. Samir Nasri (Arsenal)

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