Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Messi Was Wasted

Usually when you hear about a soccer player partying at a nightclub, you don't get to see a video of them acting in a drunken state. 

However, this video which has been going all around the soccer community, is of Lionel Messi wasted out of his mind following the Champions League Final in Rome. 

Messi was stumbling all around, and his teammates had to try and keep him from falling over.

Since we all know that Europeans can't drink as much as Americans, (and Messi is pretty much European by now) I'm assuming Messi had about 3 beers.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Your View: Maldini's Last Game

This past weekend was AC Milan captain Paolo Maldini's final game. 

Maldini spent his entire 20+ year career with Milan and was the consummate professional, and a mentor to many of the Milan players. 

In the past game Maldini has allowed to be the "4th" substitute during the game, to allow the fans to cheer Maldini for a final time. 

Even if you are not an AC Milan fan, it is impossible not to appreciate a player like Maldini, and the impact he made on the game of soccer in general. 

Only time will tell if Maldini becomes involved with the team again in some way, but for now I say thank you to a true legend for the many years of great service.

Here is a nice video of Maldini's final moments as a Milan player:

What do you think about Maldini's career and final game?

Poll Result

To the question, "Is Racism a Problem in Serie A?"

79% said Yes
20% said No

Therefore the readers of Il Mondo di Calcio believe that racism is in fact a problem in Serie A.

This poll was conducted as a response to the situation involving Juventus and Inter Milan when Inter's Mario Balotelli was racially abused by Juventus fans.

Thank you for voting on the poll, and keep voting!

Ancelotti To Chelsea? Mass Migration on the Way?

Despite the months of denying that he was interested in leaving Italy for the rainy shores of England, AC Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti has left the Italian giants to become the new coach of Chelsea. 

While Avram Grant and Guus Hiddink have had good years as manager of Chelsea in the past, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovic believes that Ancelotti is the right man to bring Chelsea to European glory.

Chelesa players such as John Terry seem very happy with the move, and have immediately urged Ancelotti to try and sign players like Carlos Tevez and Franck Ribery. 

Further bad news for AC Milan fans was also present as Milan owner Adriano Galliani said it would be difficult to resist another large offer for Kaka and Pato from large European clubs. He said that many of the players have taken Ancelotti's exit to heart, and some were crying after learning that he had left.

As an AC Milan fan, this is a terrible situation for the club. The team has already had 1 emotional exit, as longtime captain Paolo Maldini retired, and now this. 

I am also very disappointed that Ancelotti wound up leaving after saying he had no interest in the job only a few weeks ago.