Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Messi Was Wasted

Usually when you hear about a soccer player partying at a nightclub, you don't get to see a video of them acting in a drunken state. 

However, this video which has been going all around the soccer community, is of Lionel Messi wasted out of his mind following the Champions League Final in Rome. 

Messi was stumbling all around, and his teammates had to try and keep him from falling over.

Since we all know that Europeans can't drink as much as Americans, (and Messi is pretty much European by now) I'm assuming Messi had about 3 beers.


Gamb said...

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Matilda Hankinson said...

Mike I miss you! Come back!

spainfootball said...

Actually, they were all pretty wasted - they'd been drinking Catalan champagne (very potent) and then beers for about 5 hours.

Pique was the leader and most of them were pretty drunk. The main comments here were about Messi and Iniesta because they're normally such nice quiet family boys.

No-one worries about Alves, Puyol, Pique etc because although they're professionals, that's what we expect of them!

Europeans drink less than Americans? I'm British and live in Spain and both nations can drink the Americans under the table any day.


PS. I found you through a Yahoo Answer where you recommend the Nike Boot Camp. I published it to my Coaching blog and included a link. Thanks for the heads up!