Monday, June 1, 2009

Your View: Maldini's Last Game

This past weekend was AC Milan captain Paolo Maldini's final game. 

Maldini spent his entire 20+ year career with Milan and was the consummate professional, and a mentor to many of the Milan players. 

In the past game Maldini has allowed to be the "4th" substitute during the game, to allow the fans to cheer Maldini for a final time. 

Even if you are not an AC Milan fan, it is impossible not to appreciate a player like Maldini, and the impact he made on the game of soccer in general. 

Only time will tell if Maldini becomes involved with the team again in some way, but for now I say thank you to a true legend for the many years of great service.

Here is a nice video of Maldini's final moments as a Milan player:

What do you think about Maldini's career and final game?


TheFlatBackFour said...

Fantastic player and a great servant to Milan. It's sad that certain fans still have issues with him. Again a class player for the club. His 25 years at Milan puts Maldini at the top of the one-club men list.

Claudia said...

wonderful doubt....

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