Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Two Huge Deals Close Transfer Season

Two players and lots of money changed sides Monday as Robinho moved to Manchester City, and Dimitar Berbatov became a member of Manchester United.

For Robinho, his move to Manchester City set the England transfer record, with his move costing a reported 32 million pounds. 

Robinho leaving Madrid was not a surprise, as he has expressed his desire to leave the club since the beginning of the summer. However, Robinho's move to City is a surprise, as reports made it seem that Robinho was well on his way to Chelsea. (There are also rumors that Chelsea was already selling jersey's on Robinho on their online store)

Watching Manchester City should be very enjoyable this season, as Robinho will form a great partnership with Shaun Wright-Phillips. Robinho will add the Brazilian flair that is sometimes needed in the rough English Premier League.

For Berbatov, it was 30.75 million pounds that saw him end a long transfer saga. Manchester United hadn't added anyone to the club that won the Champions League title last season until they brought in Berbatov. 

Berbatov scored an impressive 46 goals for Tottenham over the past 2 seasons, and the real question is how well will he play with Man U's big three of Ronaldo, Rooney and Tevez. 

I believe that Berbatov going to Man United is just the signing they needed in order to be in a great position in the standings for when Ronaldo comes back from injury.


Andrei Filimonov said...

I think Berbatov will do just fine in MU. I'm not so sure about Robinho though. Robinho comes to a team in transition with average line-up amidst huge expectations. Berbatov, on the other hand, just fills in a position in MU offense with outstanding playing machine to support him.

Andrei Filimonov said...

And forgot to mention: both players are way too overpriced.