Thursday, March 26, 2009

Profile: Servet Cetin

A few weeks ago my friends and I were playing FIFA 09. Having played many games at that point, we wanted to play with some different teams. Eventually someone decided to play as the Turkish National Team, Erik Lanza discovered a player that I had never heard of. 

His name is Servet Cetin and apparently he is a scary monster of a man. 

In FIFA 09 Cetin is an unstoppable defender. He is 6'4 and extremely strong. No one can score on him. I decided to do some research on the player and here are some quotes about him that I have found.

After playing against Turkey Didier Drogba said, "I have never struggled like this against any defense in the English Premier League. Servet is devilish. I could hear him breathe and it sent chills down the back of my neck." 

A player who sends chills down Drogba's neck just from his breath? Epic.

Supposedly Galatasaray fans (the team Cetin plays for) call him Ayibogan which literally means "a man who could choke a bear." Is there a greater nickname in sports?

To further add to the legend of Cetin supposedly in the Euro 08 tournament, Cetin was playing despite the following injuries: 

1. Torn groin
2. Strained Knee Ligaments
3. A broken tooth
4. A bruised hip bone

Forgive me if I seem naive regarding Cetin, but I can assure you I will do my best to discover more legendary players like the bear choker. 

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Anonymous said...

check out Prodl too, on team austria