Friday, September 5, 2008

Barcelona to Expand to the MLS?

Spanish giants FC Barcelona have held preliminary talks with the MLS about creating a sister team in Miami.

Florida had a MLS team when the Miami Fusion (which played in Fort Lauderdale) played from 1997 to 2001, but had to disband due to poor attendance. 

Now this "Barcelona USA" doesn't mean that Lionel Messi or Xavi Hernandez are about to take over the MLS, but there is a chance that the next great MLS star could come from Spain, or the next great La Liga star could be an American who comes through the Barcelona program.

What is your opinion on a "Barcelona USA?"


Anonymous said...

Great for Miami. I love to see MLS in Miami.

Anonymous said...

Do it MLS/Barca. Just don't name the team "Barcelona USA". FC Miami or even FCB Miami will do fine.