Saturday, January 31, 2009

Altidore Loaned to Xerez

Jozy Alitodore's stay in La Liga hasn't lasted long. 

The American has just been loaned from Villarreal to second division team Xerez until the end of the season. Xerez is currently in 1st place, and hopefully Jozy will get some playing time.

Jozy has only seen the field 6 times in La Liga scoring just once. Upon hearing of the transfer Jozy said, "It is a good option for me because I will have more options to add minutes on the field. This will help me adapt in this country, as I hope to continue to grow in my career."

I think this is a good move for Jozy, and I really think that he could be a great player in La Liga.

Here is Jozy's goal for Villarreal where he came on in the 90th minute:

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