Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Robinho Arrested for Sexual Assault!

Shout out to Robinho.

The Brazilian international has had a tough week. First, Robinho left Manchester City in the middle of training and returned to Brazil for "family reasons" which infuriated his coach and team. 

Now Robinho has been arrested over allegations of sexual assault at an English nightclub.

West Yorkshire Police have confirmed that Robinho was arrested and questioned for an incident of sexual assault at a nightclub in Leeds on January 14th. 

A statement on Robinho's website said, "We can confirm that Robinho met the police today, as pre-arranged and as part of a criminal investigation. He strenuously denies any allegation of wrongdoing or criminality and is happy to cooperate with the police if required further."

Robinho has had a history with nightclubs; In 2007 Robinho and Ronaldinho missed their flight from Brazil back to Spain and didn't play in their clubs game, after partying until 5 am the night before. 

Hopefully for Robinho and Manchester City's sake this is simply an incident of misunderstanding, where the normal actions that someone takes at a nightclub in say Ibiza or Rio de Janeiro don't translate to proper procedure in a nightclub in Leeds. Hopefully Robinho did nothing malicious in nature, but you never know.

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