Friday, May 15, 2009

Best EPL Blog

Hey everyone, the other website that I write for, Premiership Talk, has been nominated for the best English Premier League Blog award by EPL Talk.

I would really appreciate it if everyone could follow the link below, and vote for Premiership Talk.



Thursday, May 14, 2009

Have You Seen This Goal?

In this edition of Have You Seen This Goal, another Manchester United player makes his presence known.

Carlos Tevez has made it perfectly clear that he is not happy with the way Man United has been treating him, and is very mad that the team has not offered to extend his contract that ends at the end of this season...

Putting all the controversy off the field behind him, Tevez scored a fantastic back heel goal against Wigan, which sparked a 2-1 comeback for United.

United now only need 1 point in their next 2 games to clinch the Premier League title, and Tevez is once again making a case (which didn't need to be made) for why he should be re signed.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Diego is Coming to Serie A

A new superstar is well on his way to joining the Serie A.

Brazilian and current Werder Bremen star Diego has reportedly signed an agreement that will bring him to Juventus for the next 5 years. 

Diego's agent said that since Juventus is a company traded on the stock exchange, they cannot announce the transfer until May 31st.

For those of you unfamiliar with Diego, he won the Bundesliga Player of the Year award in 2006-2007, and currently has his squad in the UEFA Cup finals. 

I'm excited for this move to happen as a Serie A fan, but I'm not happy as an AC Milan fan. 

If you remember back to when AC Milan was in the UEFA Cup, it was Diego and Werder Bremen that knocked Milan out. Diego looked fantastic the entire game, and he seems to play really well against Serie A competition. 

What are your thoughts on the move?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Will Anyone Go to City?

Since the takeover of Manchester City by the Abu Dhabi based lads in September, it seems like every superstar in the world has been linked to the team. 

However, while every superstar has been linked to the team, seemingly every superstar has made it clear that they are not going to play for Man City, no matter the salary that is offered them.

Of course many people will remember how Kaka turned down the largest transfer in the history of the game earlier this year, and recently Gianluigi Buffon and Raul have both turned down City. 

This begs the question, will anyone actually go to Man City?

By going to Man City this summer, a player is essentially saying that they are in it for the money, and aren't concerned with winning a championship any time soon. Robinho certainly doesn't mind being in it for the money, but players such as Raul and Buffon that have played at 1 club their whole careers don't need the money, and are simply looking to win a championship. 

I asked my pal Martin Rodgers from yahoo sports for his opinion on the matter. 

He said, "City aren't going to change their policy - for the owners, running the club is a status symbol as much as anything and they want the best of the best. Some UK experts though they might change tack after missing out on kaka in order to avoid that kind of embarrassment again. But every sign is that they will steam ahead.
Hard to say who they will get - they will simply put themselves in the running for every big name on the market, plus a few who aren't. However, the real key to the future success of the club is to strengthen the depth of the squad with good utility players. That is the first, relatively simple step they can take to give themselves a big advantages over everyone outside the Big Four. Look at how Villa dropped off this season, a lot of that was due to limited options."

I certainly agree with what Martin said regarding strengthening the depth of the squad. While City might not get Kaka or Raul, getting names such as Yaya Toure or Miguel Veloso would certainly be a step in the right direction.

What do you think? Will any big name go to Man City? 

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Replay in Soccer?

Chelsea manager Guus Hiddink has made his opinion of referee Tom Ovrebo well known since his teams 1-1 draw with Barcelona that saw the Spaniards advance to the Champions League final.

Frustrated with repeated no calls by Ovrebo, Hiddink has now taken up the call to introduce video technology to soccer. 

Hiddink said, "In other sports like rugby and American football, they have the ability to use technology at vital moments...It's a fact that if technology had been in use we would be in the Champions League final now."

This is a very interesting idea to ponder, but ultimately I do not think this is going to happen. A lot of the people in charge of leagues are old school guys, and wouldn't want to change the game. I think if you did introduce replay into soccer, you would have to clearly define what a "vital moment" is, and determine who actually calls for a replay.

What do you think? Is replay in soccer a good idea?

Friday, May 8, 2009

Henry Out For Final?

Barcelona is reporting that Thierry Henry's knee injury could keep him out far longer than originally expected.

Barcelona has determined that Henry will not play in the Copa del Rey final, nor will he play in the final 4 La Liga matches for Barcelona. 

These statements could certainly mean that Henry will miss Barcelona's match against Manchester United in the Champions League final on May 27th. 

I feel that if Barcelona do not have Henry for the final, then there is almost no chance that they defeat Manchester United. The Barcelona offense looked stagnant without him, and if they don't have Henry on top of the defenders they are also not going to have for the final, Barcelona's chances look slim.

I believe that Henry is too much of a competitor to not play in the final. The final game is a little less than 3 weeks away, which unless the injury is far more serious than Barcelona is reporting, should give Henry enough time to rest before the final game. 

And for anyone that is questioning Henry's importance to the Barcelona attack, consider this: Henry has scored 25 goals in 39 appearances for the club this season, with Henry, Messi, and Eto'o combining for 69 of 100 league goals for Barca.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cristiano Ronaldo Robbed!

Ronaldo wasn't exactly robbed the way Pele was over the summer, but 3 young FC Porto fans robbed Ronaldo's CR7 store in Portugal.

Ronaldo's sister who is featured in the video below was actually working at the store at the time, and she claims that the young men said insulting things about her brother and ran off with various hats, belts, and shirts.

The men were later arrested and all the products were returned.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Dream is Alive!

I have been saying since the tournament began, that my dream final for the Champions League would be Manchester United vs. Barcelona.

Although it took them over 180 minutes to do it, Barcelona finally scored a goal and advanced to the final to make my dream matchup a reality. 

Chelsea played a great game, and probably could have won if a few of the referee's calls went their way(more on that later), but ultimately I think Barcelona are the better team.

As I've said before, there were only so many times that you could play in a defensive shell and hope that Barcelona wouldn't score. 

In my opinion Barcelona weren't even that dangerous today. Danny Alves was probably the player most involved in the offense, and in case you forgot he is a defender. Alves had the ball probably for the same amount of time that Messi and Eto'o did combined. I feel that when your defender is creating all the offense, that is a problem. Eto'o was invisible out there, and Messi really seemed to be overmatched. Alves did pick up a yellow card today, meaning he cannot play in the final, which I believe will really hurt their chances against Man United.

Also, why can you have players suspended for the final? I don't understand why UEFA will not allow teams to be at full strength for the final match. I could understand if it is a 2 legged final, but the final is only 1 game. They should wipe out cards for the final to truly show who the best team is. Through injury and suspension, Barcelona have 1 starting defender ready to go for the final game.

Many Chelsea fans are probably going to complain about the referee in today's game. While there were a couple incidents of hand balls, please find me a referee that is going to make that call to decide a game, and ultimately a teams future. No ref is going to call a questionable hand ball to decide a game in the 90th minute. 

And to top it all off, the red card call on Abidal was possibly the worst call I've ever seen. Chelsea got a gift, a 10 man Barcelona and they still couldn't stop them. The red card call I believe cancelled out the other calls the ref made.

Ultimately this game between Barcelona and Chelsea was fantastic. Looking towards the final match, I believe that Man United have the advantage because they are playing at virtually full strength. Barcelona's defense has been reduced to 1 starter, which I feel makes a huge difference when you consider the amount of firepower United is bringing to the game. 

A lot of the final match also depends on what style of play United bring to the game. They saw how Chelsea's strategy shut down Barcelona for almost 2 full games, will they try the same approach? 

Time will tell, so until then I will have to keep dreaming. 

Have You Seen This Goal?

Who else could it be for this week except for Cristiano Ronaldo?

The World Player of the Year, and Ballon d'Or winner has been criticized for not playing defense, not always trying, and complaining for calls after every play, but you know what......when he scores goals like this nothing else matters...

When Cristiano Ronaldo scores goals that no one else in the world can score, no other factors matter...He scored 2 goals in Man United's 3-1 victory against Arsenal today and his free kick goal was certainly a world class strike..

How many other players could have scored this goal?

Monday, May 4, 2009

A Little Fire With Your Championship?

This story has been making the rounds on pretty much every website, but it's too good to not post here.

If you haven't heard, or haven't seen the video yet, essentially Brazilian side Corinthians were celebrating their Paulista Championship victory over Santos when all of a sudden the captain of the team William was set on fire. 

The story starts with the captain of the team and a few others being placed on a cherry picker, which lifted them up into the air, while the majority of the team were dancing and celebrating below. 

The problem began when streams of confetti were shot right into a stream of fireworks that were going off right next to the people on the cherry picker. 

Fireworks+things that can go on fire=fire

William lit on fire for a few moments before the fire was put out.

Everyone continued to dance.

What do you think? 

Funny? Scary? Both?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

2 Incredible Moments

It has been a great week in the world of soccer, with Barcelona destroying Madrid, AC Milan continuing their good form, and many title races still up in the air.

Here are two stories that you may have missed this week:

25 year old Dan Magness set a new world record for longest time controlling a football. Magness juggled the ball for exactly 24 hours, surpassing the previous record of 19 hours and 30 minutes. He juggled the ball an estimated 250,000 times during his attempt.

My personal record is about 24 times nevermind 24 hours. Well done Dan.

Also, in the Greek Cup Final, AEK and Olympiacos played to a 3-3 tie in regulation, a 4-4 tie after extra time, and Olympiacos pulled out the victory 15-14 in the penalty shootout...

When is the last time you watched a game where the ball went into the back of the net over 30 times? 

Even Americans would have liked this one....