Friday, May 8, 2009

Henry Out For Final?

Barcelona is reporting that Thierry Henry's knee injury could keep him out far longer than originally expected.

Barcelona has determined that Henry will not play in the Copa del Rey final, nor will he play in the final 4 La Liga matches for Barcelona. 

These statements could certainly mean that Henry will miss Barcelona's match against Manchester United in the Champions League final on May 27th. 

I feel that if Barcelona do not have Henry for the final, then there is almost no chance that they defeat Manchester United. The Barcelona offense looked stagnant without him, and if they don't have Henry on top of the defenders they are also not going to have for the final, Barcelona's chances look slim.

I believe that Henry is too much of a competitor to not play in the final. The final game is a little less than 3 weeks away, which unless the injury is far more serious than Barcelona is reporting, should give Henry enough time to rest before the final game. 

And for anyone that is questioning Henry's importance to the Barcelona attack, consider this: Henry has scored 25 goals in 39 appearances for the club this season, with Henry, Messi, and Eto'o combining for 69 of 100 league goals for Barca.

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