Saturday, May 9, 2009

Replay in Soccer?

Chelsea manager Guus Hiddink has made his opinion of referee Tom Ovrebo well known since his teams 1-1 draw with Barcelona that saw the Spaniards advance to the Champions League final.

Frustrated with repeated no calls by Ovrebo, Hiddink has now taken up the call to introduce video technology to soccer. 

Hiddink said, "In other sports like rugby and American football, they have the ability to use technology at vital moments...It's a fact that if technology had been in use we would be in the Champions League final now."

This is a very interesting idea to ponder, but ultimately I do not think this is going to happen. A lot of the people in charge of leagues are old school guys, and wouldn't want to change the game. I think if you did introduce replay into soccer, you would have to clearly define what a "vital moment" is, and determine who actually calls for a replay.

What do you think? Is replay in soccer a good idea?


Matilda Hankinson said...

I actually just read an interesting post about this earlier today at EPL Talk ( )I definitely think technology SHOULD be somehow implemented in football, and of course if Sepp Blatter is against something it is usually pretty sensible to support it. I'm sure someone would be able to think of a clever way to integrate the technology without slowing the game too much, besides I'm sure the majority of fans would much rather the game slow than have an important decision incorrectly called against them. Most of the larger stadiums these days have jumbotrons, perhaps replays could be shown on them for the benefit of both the ref and the fans?

soccer said...

I think techonology should be used at all levls to make decisions correct, just like cricket, use of technology make a huge difference to the betterment of game.