Sunday, May 25, 2008

Avram Grant Chelsea Manager No More

Only 3 days after his Chelsea squad lost the Champions League Final, Avram Grant has been fired as manager of Chelsea. Chelsea did not win a single trophy this season, something that hadn't happened for the past 3 seasons. 

I personally don't think Chelsea should have done this move. Chelsea was one John Terry penalty kick away from winning the Champions League and if they had done so it would have made Grant a legend in Chelsea history (seeing as they have never won the Champions League in their history). 

Taking your team to the finals of the Champions League and a 2nd place finish in the Premier League does not sound like a resume for a manager who got fired.  Chelsea obviously believes that there is someone out there who can do a better job then Grant did.  The only person I can think of who can do that is Jose Mourinho, the manager who left Chelsea last season. 

With the team that Chelsea has they have the talent to make it back to the finals next season. As for Grant,  his resume shows he can win games and I'm sure he will get a job with a big club, perhaps Barcelona?

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