Friday, May 30, 2008

FIFA Endorses "6+5" Rule

The FIFA Congress has endorsed a rule which would limit the amount of foreign players that can play at the club level. 

The rule would force teams to begin games with at least 6 players that could qualify for national team play.

For example, Manchester United would have to start a game with 6 players that could play on the England national team. 

AC Milan would have to do the same with 6 players who could play on the Italian national team....etc....

FIFA president Sepp Blatter said that the rule "Would safeguard the national identity of clubs and national teams."

I think this rule is both good and bad. It levels the playing field for smaller teams, because now big teams with lots of money cannot simply buy all of the best foreign players. 

At the same time you do want to see the best players be able to play in the highest level, a level that can only be achieved for the most part by playing on big teams.

Also, this rule severely goes against the basic principle of the free movement of workers. How can FIFA tell a player he is ineligible to play on a team because he is a foreigner. Let the best players play where they want to play!

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