Friday, November 21, 2008

William Gallas No Longer Captain!

William Gallas has been stripped of the captain's armband by manager Arsene Wenger.

This decision is coming just days after Gallas revealed to the press that there is infighting among the Arsenal players. 

Gallas' career with Arsenal could be over as well as Wenger will not allow him to travel with the club to Manchester this weekend to play City. 

I think Gallas deserves to have his armband taken away, not just because of this specific incident with the press, but because he has been a bad captain this whole season. Gallas has not been the same player he was in the past, and it's a shame that his career is ending up this way.

I hope that Wenger does not choose to get rid of Gallas because I think with a new mindset, and some better effort, Gallas can really contribute to the team again.

As far as the armband goes, I think either Fabregas or more likely Clichy will be named the new captain. Clichy is the veteran but Fabregas is the young will be interesting to see which direction the team goes in.

Arsenal will make an official statement later tonight. 

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