Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Arshavin Says the Premier League is Hard

Andrei Arshavin has admitted that playing in the Premier League for Arsenal is harder than it looks on TV while sitting on your couch in Russia.

Sorry Arsh but I could have told you that one.

Arshavin also admitted to being out of shape and said, "(against Fulham) Even before the end of the first half I felt as if I had spat my lungs out. It was a hard match for me. In the sceond half my legs simply refused to serve me."

This story is kind of comical to me. I seriously hope Arshavin wasn't sitting around for the past few months and just expected to waltz right into the most competitive league on the planet. 

As good of a player that Arshavin is, there is no one that can not work or get in shape and expect to make a difference on the field. 

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