Monday, March 30, 2009

Could Marta Play With the Boys?

The inaugural season of the Women's Professional Soccer League kicked off this past weekend with the Los Angeles Sol defeating the Washington Freedom 2-0.

I must say that from seeing this game and re watching the highlights, the level of competition in this league looks to be very good. All of the women showed great skill and I really think that if the league is marketed right, it can succeed. 

However, the question that arose in my mind after watching the game was whether or not Los Angeles Sol star and without question the best women's soccer player in the world, Marta, could play in the MLS or any other men's league. 

While the Brazilian stands at only 5'4, she has the quickness and technical skill to match many men. 

The goal she scores at the 41 second mark of the video pretty much sums up what she's about:

What do you think? Could Marta play with the men?


Andrei Filimonov said...

No, I don't think so unless officiating rules are modified to make it more women-friendly. Making pitch smaller would help too. WPS games are less physical and are played at significantly lower pace. Marta would simply get stomped or overrun.

Anonymous said...

No, she is too light in weight and not quick enough for men. She played last year a game with men ( if I remember correctly World vs Oceania (?), with Davids, Karembough (sp?) and she did not look good at all.

Anonymous said...

Maybe! I mean her speed is around the average man in the league. Her footwork is amazing, i love watching videos of marta where it had a bunch of her moves. She wont be able to dribble as much but she does have good passing skills, she just doent have to use it as much as in the womans game. I think she could be a good player in the mexican league! Not international teams or anything but its a very good start for woman. Remember, woman havent been playing sprots as long as us. So eventually i think theyll get close to the men, probably not as good as the men but to the point where the WPS will be just as good as the other leagues