Sunday, March 1, 2009

Manchester United are Champions Once More

Manchester United defeated Tottenham in a penalty shootout 4-1 to win the Carling Cup. 

The match was a scoreless draw going into the shootout which saw a couple of saves from backup goalkeeper Ben Foster. 

Manchester did not play Wayne Rooney or Dimitar Berbatov but the defense led by Rio Ferdinand was enough to a least keep the game close. 

Tottenham did not use Robbie Keane in the game, and they could have really used his scoring touch. 

Manchester United are now on pace to win every competition they are entered in to as they have already won the Community Shield and the Club World Cup. 

Just a final thought....when is a referee going to get the guts to call a penalty on Cristiano Ronaldo for his run up on penalty kicks. Every time he takes a penalty kick it is boarder line illegal (as this one was) and sometimes they are just blatantly illegal. 

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