Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cannavaro Coming Back to Serie A?

Real Madrid defender, and captain of the Italian national team, Fabio Cannavaro is seemingly on his way back to the Serie A.

Recent statements from Cannavaro's agent suggest that the 35 year old will be playing for Juventus next season.

Cannavaro's agent said an offer from Juventus would be, "the most fascinating."

Cannavaro previously won 2 championships with Juventus, however they were revoked due to the match fixing scandal that saw Juventus relegated to Serie B. 

Most rumors surrounding Cannavaro's future hinted that he might join his brother at Napoli, however this now seems unlikely.

While I believe that Cannavaro has been an excellent ambassador for Italy and the Italian game abroad, I feel he belongs in Serie A.

What do you think? Is Cannavaro to Juventus a good move for him, for Serie A?

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