Thursday, April 16, 2009

UEFA Cup Semifinal Set

The semifinal of the UEFA Cup has now been determined, and we are guaranteed to have a German and Ukrainian team in the final.

In the semi's Dynamo Kyiv will play Shakhtar Donetsk while Werder Bremen will take on Hamburg. 

With teams such as AC Milan, Valencia, Tottenham, Fiorentina and Aston Villa in the tournament when it began, this final 4 cannot be the one that anyone expected. 

Who is the team I'm putting my money on? I'm betting on the team that eliminated AC Milan to win.

When the UEFA Cup began, AC Milan was easily the most talented and prestigious team in the tournament and I figured them to win. However, when they played Werder Bremen they were defeated on the away goal rule and Bremen advanced. 

After seeing Diego lead Werder Bremen past AC Milan they then became my favorites to win it all. I mean if you can beat AC Milan you can beat any team in this tournament. 

Diego's 2 goals today helped Bremen defeat another Serie A team Udinese, and I gotta think that Bremen will take home the trophy in Turkey. 

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