Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jozy States His Case

As I'm writing this Jozy Altidore has scored a goal for the United States against Trinidad and Tobago. 

A few months ago I wrote how I think the United States 3 best young players, Michael Bradley, Jozy Altidore, and Freddy Adu, should all be getting more playing time. 

Since that time Michael Bradley has become a fixture in the middle of the United States lineup, and his 2 goal performance against Mexico in February has certainly sealed his spot. 

However, Jozy and Freddy both have not seen much playing time as Bradley over the past few months. 

All this is hopefully about to change in regards to Altidore. Altidore was put into the game against El Salvador last Saturday and scored a nice goal. Today Altidore was put into the starting lineup and scored a goal. In my opinion Jozy makes a positive impact on the team each time he is out there. 

I understand that Jozy is the youngest player on the team but hopefully Altidore is included in the starting lineup more often from now on. 

UPDATE: Thank you to Jozy Altidore for further proving my point, as he has now scored a second great goal in this game. With 15 minutes remaining, perhaps a hat trick is on the way?

Second UPDATE: Wow. Just Wow. Jozy Altidore proves me correct once again and gets a hat trick. Please Bob Bradley, PLEASE, put in Jozy Altidore more often.

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Anonymous said...

i know you haven't done the have you seen this goal thing in a while, but you should definitely consider matt taylor's goal for bolton against middlesborough yesterday
it was a free kick from 35 yards out on the sideline, absolutely gorgeous
i can't find a video just of it yet, bu these are the match highlights, the goal is at 5:32