Tuesday, April 21, 2009

From Russia With Love

After witnessing one of the most exciting Premier League games I have seen in a long time, Andrei Arshavin has possibly arrived. 

Arshavin scored 4 times today in Arsenal's 4-4 draw with Liverpool, and easily looked like the most dangerous player on the Arsenal side. 

The Russian playmaker has looked ok thus far, scoring 2 goals adding 3 assists in 7 Premier League matches, but you had to wonder whether or not the chemistry was really there between him and his teammates. 

This game I believe has sealed any chemistry issues between Arshavin and his teammates, and will certainly put the memory of his long transfer saga behind him.

For Liverpool fans this is not the game you wanted Arshavin to break out. Liverpool needed to get a win in order to move into 1st place in the Premier League. This draw now means they are equal in points with Manchester United, however United have played 2 less games than Liverpool.

I honestly feel that Arshavin has now personally seen to it that United take home the Premier League trophy this season. I believe the 2 game difference will be too much to overcome for Liverpool, so all you Liverpool fans out there say thank you to Andrei Arshavin for insuring Liverpool takes home no trophies this season.

All in all a performance like this hasn't been seen at Arsenal since Thierry Henry was up front, and Arshavin's 4 goal game will be a performance Arsenal fans will surely remember.

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