Monday, April 20, 2009

Racism Hurts Serie A Once Again

Just when Juventus fans thought that AC Milan overtaking them in the standings was bad, news out of Serie A is that due to racist comments made by Juventus fans during the 1-1 draw with Inter Milan, Juventus will have to play their next home game without any of their fans in attendance. 

I'm not sure, but either that game will be the Italian Cup match against Lazio on Wednesday, or it could be their next home game in Serie A which is which is on May 3rd against Leece.

The player who the abuse was launched at is Inter's Mario Balotelli. Balotelli who's picture you see above is an Italian born in Palermo with Ghanian descent. The racist remarks were coming after Balotelli scored Inter's only goal in the match, and continued throughout the game.

Supposedly the fans were yelling at him, "a black Italian does not exist." 

These kinds of statements are obviously unacceptable, and really show how much work Serie A needs to do before it becomes the most respected league in the world again. 

I understand the passion that fans in Italy have for the game, but "a black Italian does not exist?" First of all that is clearly a false statement, and honestly I'm disgusted by the statement. 

Those fans need to grow up, get cultured, and stop acting like the rest of the world agrees with your racist attitudes. 

I hope Mario Balotelli scores 10 goals the next time Inter plays Juventus.

Juventus is appealing the ban.


Erik J. Lanza said...

Balotelli is DA BAWSE, chillen in his maybach listening to maybach music. This article was the realest shit you ever wrote

Matilda said...

I read a book about Serie A football written by a Verona fan called A Season with Verona by Tim Parks (great book, hilarious) and a big theme in it was racism in Serie A, especially because Verona was considered an incredibly racist team. That book was written in the mid-90's and it made it seem like racism was a superficial problem that was going away. It really disappoints me top hear a story like this, it is absolutely disgusting. I hope that Juve's appeal is denied, though it saddens me because probably a lot of the people being punished didn't do anything, this is absolutely unacceptable.

mad6986 said...

hey Matilda I'll have to check that book out...