Thursday, April 30, 2009

No More Serie A?

Following in the footsteps of the Premier League, Serie A has decided to break away from Lega Calcio and their Serie B comrades. 

Many people are wondering why would Serie A do this? 

The answer has to do with TV revenue. 

Serie A has to share TV revenue with Serie B and Lega Calcio. While this benefits the smaller teams, larger teams such as Inter, Milan, and Roma all seemingly felt that they could make more money if they got exclusive TV deals, in which they didn't have to share any money with smaller and unsuccessful clubs.

Serie B teams have long complained that they were not getting a fair amount of money, and Serie A teams have long threatened to break away and leave them out to dry.

The moment has seemingly come for this to happen. 

19 of 20 Serie A teams have agreed to break away, with Lecce being the only team against it. Lecce is currently in 19th place and are likely going to be relegated, so of course they don't want to see Serie A break away while they are in Serie B. 

When you look at how this same move affected the Premier League you have to be somewhat excited about this separation. When the Premier League broke away they got a ton of money from Sky Sports, which allowed their teams to go out and buy the best players, and essentially turn the Premier League into the premier league in the world. 

If Serie A can get a similar deal, teams would be able to go out and buy better players, which would ultimately mean more Italian teams having success in the Champions League and UEFA Cup. 

This deal would mean however the teams in Serie B would suffer. The rich would get richer and the poor would get much poorer. (Although the incentive to get into Serie A would be much greater, which I feel would ultimately improve the quality of the matches.)

As an AC Milan and Italian soccer fan I'm excited for the change. It was going to take a drastic move for Serie A to become the best league in the world again, and I think this is a good first step.


Matilda Hankinson said...

While Serie B will considerably suffer, and I predict something similar to England's big 4 (a select number of clubs with incomparable money and power) will emerge, both of which are bad things, Lega Calcio Serie A will probably have higher quality football than is currently there. That being said if better means more like the Premiership (which I hope it doesn't) I don't want that to happen. As much as I'm a fan of English soccer (I do support Bolton Wanderers, an English team) I adore the Serie A style of soccer. I've found it's easier to show non-soccer fans and explain the beauty of soccer because the plays develop so much slower. As long as this new league preserves the heart of Seria A, I'm for it, but I'm worried we will just get another Premiership

mad6986 said...
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mad6986 said...

Well said Matilda...

As an AC Milan fan I'm excited that they will get better because of this, but the change obviously will hurt the rest of the league...

It will be interesting to see how the money is dished out, because if they money is split up evenly (i doubt it) than things will be a little even. However, if Inter, Milan, Roma, and Juventus get all the money and everyone else gets a little, expect to see those 4 teams in the top 4 places of the table every season for the next 5-10 years.

Andrei Filimonov said...

And then the next natural step for big 4 from England, Italy, Spain and potentially Germany would be to break away from their national championships and form Europa League...