Monday, July 7, 2008

Crouch on His Way to Portsmouth

Liverpool striker Peter Crouch appears to be on his way out of Liverpool.

Crouch has been unable to get real playing time behind Fernando Torres, and it has been rumored he will leave for some time.

Today, Liverpool has accepted a bid from Portsmouth which would see Portsmouth paying an initial 8 million pounds, with 3 million more to be payable over the course of Crouch's contract.

Portsmouth had a great year last year, winning the FA Cup, and earning a place in the UEFA Cup next year.

I think Crouch will be a big help to Portsmouth, and the money Liverpool gets from this deal can help with the signing of Keane, Barry, and whoever else they might acquire.

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Matti said...

I think Crouch will definitely be very good for Portsmouth, however I'm not sure if Portsmouth is the best thing for Crouch. I think he could probably have gotten more money, possibly from a better club. Portsmouth is on the way up, and Crouch will definitely get much more playing time than he got at Liverpool, but I still think this is a step down for him.

He seemed quite pleased by the move, which I suppose is one of the most important things.