Monday, July 7, 2008

Nike Commercial Director's Cut

If you watched the Euro's you had to have noticed the Nike Soccer commercials, where you follow an Arsenal player, "Taking it to the Next Level."

The commercial was directed by Guy Ritchie, and he has posted a new longer director's cut version of the commercial.

The commercial is a minute longer then the original and in this one we see Tevez get a little action on the ball, the player get with a second girl, the player buy a sick car, and get mobbed by fans back in his home town. He also pukes more.

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Anonymous said...

Guy does some nice work but you should check out this director named 'Creature'. He's so cinematic for a commercial director. I think he's prepping to do a film too. Can't wait to see what this cat does. check him out at (click on 'creature')