Monday, July 7, 2008

Zenit Rejects Barcelona's Bid

Russian club Zenit St. Petersburg have rejected Barcelona's bid for their star player Andrei Arshavin. 

Zenit said that Barcelona did not meet their asking price for Arshavin, and therefore will terminate talks with Barcelona.

Barcelona's original offer was 11.8 million euro, while the second offer was supposedly around 15 million euro.

Arshavin has made it publicly clear that his dream is to play for Barcelona.

Zenit also said that despite rumors, no other club has made an offer for Arshavin. Therefore, there is no talk amongst the club regarding his move.

I personally think an offer of 15 million euro is a little too low for the caliber of player that Arshavin could  become. He looked very good in the Euro tournament, and he is still young at 27 years old. I think an offer of 20 million euro would be a fair price to pay.


r1ooooo said...

Arshavin is the hottest transfertalk right now. Maybe he will replace Ronaldinho in Barcelona, because i hope Ronaldinho will move to AC Milan :)

Monica 08 said...

It looks like Arshavin might not move after all the Euro 2008 'brouhaha.' This is a little off-topic. As an AC Milan fan, what midfielder do you think AC Milan will end up getting this season? Bergessio, Ronaldinho...

mad6986 said...

Well Milan already got Flamini which was a great start for them.

I honestly think they can either get Ronaldinho, or a big name striker like Adebayor or Drogba.

I don't think they can get both.