Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ronaldinho to Milan!

AC Milan have officially announced the signing of Barcelona man, Ronaldinho.

The transfer fee for the deal is around 25 million euro.

Ronaldinho has been rumored to move to Milan for the last few months, and has also been linked to Manchester City, and the LA Galaxy.

Milan said, "Tomorrow, the player will be in Milan for the medical, and to sign the contract which will tie him to Milan until June 30th, 2011."

Ronaldinho is a 2 time FIFA Player of the Year, but has been out of form the past few years.

However, as an AC Milan fan, this move is huge. An all Brazilian attacking trio of Kaka, Pato, and Ronaldinho seems unstoppable.

What do you think of the signing?

And just in case you forgot how good Ronaldinho can be, watch his top 10 goals.

1 comment:

Monica 08 said...

I hope it doesn't end up being a "flop" like the other Brazilian "Ronaldo."

A success for me would be him performing at this best in the big matches of the UEFA Cup.