Friday, July 25, 2008

MLS All Stars Defeat West Ham (100th Post!)

The MLS All Star team defeated English Premier club West Ham United 3-2 on Thursday in Toronto. 

Dwayne De Rosario scored a penalty kick in the 69th minute after he was fouled in the box, to earn the game winner for the MLS.

Chicago midfielder Cuauhtemoc Blanco scored a goal and got an assist and was named MVP of the game.

David Beckham played well, getting a few shots on goal and also earning an assist.

The MLS All Star team now remains undefeated against foreign competition since they began playing in this format in 2003.

This victory can be seen as both good and bad for the MLS. 

It is good to see that the best players from the MLS can compete against clubs in top leagues, however, in this game the best players seemed to be those players that were brought in from other leagues (Blanco, Beckham, Angel). 

While we know that Blanco, Beckham and Angel can play against top competition, as they have over their career, there are still questions of whether home grown American MLS talent can compete.

Here are the game highlights.

P.S.......This was my 100th post. 


Monica 08 said...

Hi Mike, Congratulations on the 100th post! It's impressive how C. Blanco has done so well here in the MLS. I can't believe Chelsea FC lost 1-0 with the MLS All-stars in 2006.

Chris Nee said...

Congratulations on a fine century! Keep up the good work.