Friday, July 11, 2008

Open Question

With all the constant rumors and reports from different teams in different countries, I ask...

Are you getting tired of transfer speculations?

This off season for example, the future of Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Didier Drogba, Frank Lampard, and Emmanuel Adedbayor have all been in question, over long drawn out processes.

And not only been in question, but changing completely overnight, depending on what source you read.

I mean if a Spanish player playing in England, wanted to transfer to Italy, you would have reports by newspapers coming out of 3 different countries, all with their own biases telling you different things.

Also, Who's side do you take during a transfer debate?

What I mean by that is, if a player such as Cristiano Ronaldo has years left on his contract, but no longer wants to play for his current team, should his team allow him to leave?

Is it, "slavery" as the FIFA president said, to force a player like Ronaldo to remain on his team and honor his contract?


Matti said...

I really hate the transfer season, and all the rumors that go along with it. I would prefer to know who is going where for sure, instead of all of the rumors that go around.

The fact that Blatter calls it slavery is completely ridiculous. Ronaldo signed a contract agreeing to stay for however long. Besides the fact that most slaves are NOT paid 100,000 a month, Ronaldo agreed to be there and if he has one little hissy-fit this shouldn't change the fact that his signature is on that paper. I'm pretty sure he was paid by Real Madrid to say that because even HE couldn't really think something THAT stupid. Well then again......

anthony said...

with barca unloading a lot of it's top players, will henry try to get a transfer out? There was talk of him being unhappy there already (back in january or so) , and didn't he go to FCB strictly to win? would seem almost impossible for Barca to win anything with such a depleted roster..

Monica 08 said...

No, what would summer be without 'fake' transfer rumors?

I can't believe Blatter said something like that either. Why is CR 7 a slave if he's under contract in the meantime. CR7 didn't help things either when he said a few days ago on RTP that he 'completely agrees with him [Blatter]'

mad6986 said...

anthony, I think Henry will stay...but I do agree that it will be tough for Barcelona to win after losing Ronaldinho and Zambrotta and only getting Hleb.