Monday, February 2, 2009

Arshavin Deal to be Completed Tomorrow

In case some of you didn't know, England is experiencing one of the worst snow storms in recent memory. Due to this, many planes in England are grounded meaning players such as Andrei Arshavin are stuck in England. 

The FA ruled that since many people were stuck in England, teams could have an extra day to work out a deal with players. 

According to numerous sources, the deal to bring Andrei Arshavin to Arsenal has been completed and will be finalized by the Premier League tomorrow. 

This deal has been on and off for the past month, but when Arsene Wenger announced earlier that he was optimistic that the deal would be done, most doubt was put aside. 

We will have to wait until tomorrow to hear the final transfer fee and other terms of the deal, but for now I can confirm that Arshavin will be a member of Arsenal. If I had to guess, I would say Arsenal paid 15 million pounds for Arshavin.


The deal is finished, with Zenit reporting that they will receive a transfer fee of 16.9 million euro. This is a record fee paid by Arsenal. Also, Arshavin will return to Russia to take care of personal matters. Arsenal also doesn't know when Arshavin will play in a game, as the last game Arshavin played in was on November 25th.

My biggest concern is how much effort Arshavin will put in at Arsenal. Arshavin has the reputation at Zenit St. Petersburg for not putting forth any effort for Russian League games. Arshavin will try to play well for Champions League games, and international games, but he seems to not try during Russian league games. The Premier League is too good for Arshavin to not try in any game, or against any opponent. 

In case you forgot how good he is though, watch this:


Juan y Fer said...

good acquisiton, but Arsenal needed defensive players to improve its level during this season
(a blog about sport in English and EspaƱol)

mad6986 said...

Hey Juan thanks for posting....

I totally agree that Arsenal could have used the addition of another defender this transfer season, but judging by the way Arsenal spends money, they were only going to spend to get 1 player...

and in my opinion if that 1 player is Arshavin its a good move....

that being said, I think Arsenal will play better but will not catch Man United for the title.