Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Milan Giving Up on the Season?

Sorry if I seem to only be writing about AC Milan lately but there are a lot of interesting things happening in Milan and Serie A recently.

I just read a story in which David Beckham was quoted as seemingly giving up on the Serie A season and claiming that Inter had basically already won the title.

His quote in the Gazzetto Dello Sporto is "I'm sorry to say it, however at this point in time, our chances of winning the championship are very slim."

I guess Beckham is being realistic as Milan are 12 points behind Inter with 14 games left however I do have a problem with a player publicly admitting that he and maybe the rest of the team do not think they can win the title and are possibly giving up on the season. 

Crazier things have happened in soccer and I don't think Beckham's statement reflect the right attitude to have after a tough loss on Sunday.

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