Friday, February 13, 2009

Wait Until Next Year

David Beckham's time at Milan is now coming to an end.

It has been announced that the LA Galaxy have not received an offer from AC Milan regarding David Beckham which means Beckham will return to LA next season. 

MLS president Don Garber had named Friday as the deadline for which Beckham's move to Italy could be completed. If the move was not completed by today, the MLS would not approve the move. 

LA Galaxy president Tim Leiweke said, "I know David is emotionally invested, but I don't think Milan really was that interested in spending the money we would have had to receive to compensate us for our losses."

This is a difficult situation to assess. David Beckham clearly does not want to return to America after finding out that he still has the ability to play at a high level. Many people in America feel betrayed by Beckham's thought of leaving and many people just don't care. 

I think it will be a tough year for Beckham, a year that might hear him get many more boo's than cheers.


Matti said...

I'm still hopeful that a deal will go through, i think the MLS will back down. The problem is that Milan only offered 5 mil pounds for him and Galaxy would be crazy to accept that, he's clearly worth at least 10. If Milan really want him, they'll get him they just need to offer more money.

mad6986 said...

I think Milan will wind up getting him when it's all said an done...

thanks for stoppin by matti