Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Deal for Tevez?

Carlos Tevez has been back and forth about his desire to remain at Manchester United. Tevez's current deal runs out at the end of the season, and many people speculated that he would not remain at Manchester, and possibly go to Inter Milan.

Now reports are coming out that Manchester United is ready to offer Tevez a new deal worth about 30 million pounds for the next 3 years. 

Tevez was previously unhappy with his playing time and role on the team, especially since the signing of Dimitar Berbatov. However, Tevez has just had a meeting with coach Sir Alex Ferguson where the coach reaffirmed his desire to keep Tevez. 

I personally feel this would be a great move for United, as I feel Tevez is the second best outfield player on the team behind Ronaldo. Tevez is always a high energy player that in my opinion is underutilized by Ferguson. 

Whether or not Tevez deserves as high a salary as they are reportedly ready to give him remains to be seen, but keeping him at Manchester is a no brainer.

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