Monday, February 2, 2009

The Return of Robbie Keane!

Today is the final day for transfers, and could prove to be a very busy day with the likes of Arshavin, Quaresma, and Brian McBride all possibly changing teams today.

However, one move that is confirmed is Robbie Keane's return to Tottenham from Liverpool.

Keane left Tottenham 6 months ago after 6 long years with the club in which he scored over 100 goals. Keane was a Liverpool supporter his whole life, and was looking to form a great scoring duo with Fernando Torres, much like he had formed one with Dimitar Berbatov at Spurs. 

However, Keane was frequently left off the first team and saw himself substituted out in almost every game. 

Tottenham have now had their bid of 15 million pounds accepted by Liverpool, thus ending Robbie Keane's unhappy stay with his favorite club.

Keane said, 'It was a difficult decision to make to leave Tottenham in the summer. It proved not to be the right move for me. I know some Spurs fans will feel I let them down by leaving but I can assure them I shall be giving my all for this club. This club has terrific fans and I want to repay them for all their support. We've got to get on and fight our way up that league table."

I think this is the smart move for Keane to make, and I expect him to start scoring goals at the rate he's done for the past 6 years. 

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