Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Argentina Defeat Brazil

Argentina defeated Brazil 3-0 in the Olympic semifinals to earn a trip to the gold medal game against Nigeria.

Sergio Aguero scored 2 goals, and Riquelme added a penalty to give Argentina a seemingly easy win.

This game was the first victory for Argentina against Brazil since 2005.

Many people wanted to see a Messi vs. Ronaldinho matchup, and both players created chances for their teams. Ronaldinho hit the post with a free kick, and played well enough to ensure Milan fans that he should be in good form going into the Serie A season. Messi seemed to be the most dynamic player on the field, and his moves created the penalty kick which led to the 3rd goal.

The result sets up Argentina vs. Nigeria in the finals, with Brazil vs. Belgium in the bronze medal game.

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John said...

Finally we have beaten these guys. A great night for Argentina as we are on course to defend our precious gold medal. Nigeria will be tough but I have faith in this team to do it.

Maybe its just destiny that Brazil will win everything except gold at the Olympics

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