Thursday, August 21, 2008

USA Win Gold Medal!

The United States women's national team won the gold medal, defeating Brazil 1-0.

Carli Lloyd scored the games only goal in the 96th minute to secure the gold for America.

Lloyd said, "It was hard, and this win wasn't just down to my goal. It was only achievable with the team we have and that we played for each other."

This game really was a team effort, as Hope Solo played great in goal, and 2 time FIFA Player of the Year Marta was shut down.

Marta said, "I have no idea why we can't win a final. It's something I'm gonna keep asking myself for a long time. You keep asking what you did wrong."

This is the 3rd time Brazil has lost a major tournament final, as they lost to America in the Olympic finals in 2004, and lost the World Cup final to Germany last year.

Click the link to watch the game highlights.

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Anonymous said...

I remember that day very well. B y the morning i succeeded to get news .Bad news on the aradio: it had rained heavily in Beijing the whole day. The turf was heavy to deal with a ball.
I started to worry on the fate of brazilians. Because it would obviously reinforce the US coach
intention to put in place a defensive wall against cristiane and marta. And exhaustion arrives earlier.
To top it restrict their maneuvering, of course whilst defense gets positioning easier.
And there it was. another vice-title.