Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Champions League Results

Many of the top clubs in Europe were in action today in the first legs of Champions League qualifying matches.

Arsenal defeat Twente Enschede 2-0

Injuries forced Arsenal to field a less then perfect side, but goals from William Gallas and Emmanuel Adedbayor gave Arsenal a 2-0 victory. 

Juventus destroy Artmedia Petrzalka 4-0

Juventus are finally back in the Champions League tournament, and they arrived in a big way defeating Artmedia Petrzalka 4-0.

Goals were scored by Mauro Camoranesi, Del Piero, Giorgio Chiellini, and Nicola Legrottaglie.

Barcelona defeat Wisla Krakow

Barcelona looked like the team to beat in Europe dominating Wisla Krakow in a 4-0 victory. 

Samuel Eto'o had 2 goals, while Theirry Henry and Xavi Hernandez both scored. 

Once Lionel Messi returns to Barcelona, they should be unstoppable.


tippo said...

Good start for Barca and Juve, not so convinced with the Gunners though.

mad6986 said...

I agree, but the team that looked the worse today was Liverpool, who couldn't even manage to score a goal in their game.

Anthony Golia said...

I'm more worried about Barca than Arsenal. Albeit, Gallas is a shitty captain, and the odds of Adebayor having a repeat is close to fifty/fifty, but it seems they always find a way to win. Barcelona, while they looked good this preseason, still is relying on Thierry Henry (who was complaining about injuries already in New York) and is on the downside of his career. He isn't built for the offensive style Pep runs down there, although I do believe they certainly have the talent to run away with La Liga. I think Arsenal is pretty much straight forward, in that you know what you're going to get out of these guys. Barcelona, just left such a bad taste in your mouth last season you don't know which team will show up once the season gets going.