Saturday, August 23, 2008

Shevchenko Is Back!

AC Milan and Chelsea have confirmed that striker Andriy Shevchenko is returning to Milan.

Shevchenko was one of the best scorer's in the history of AC Milan, scoring 127 goals in 208 games during his time there. 

However, since his move to Chelsea 2 years ago, Shevchenko hasn't seen much of the field, and has been unhappy and hasn't been able to score goals.

Shevchenko has been rumored to return to Milan all summer and now, "I'm happy, I have hoped for a return for a while and yesterday I began to believe that this deal could end well. For me it is as if I've won the Champions League."

This transfer is HUGE for Milan fans everywhere. Milan now has 3 first class strikers in Shevchenko, Pato, and Inzaghi, and Milan have just completed the best transfer summer of any team this year.

In case you forgot how good Shevchenko can be, watch the video.

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Anthony Golia said...

I like Andriy. I felt horrible that he was stuck behind all of Chelsea's strikers. I wish him the best of luck.