Sunday, August 3, 2008

Chelsea Destroy Milan 5-0

Chelsea and AC Milan played each other in the 3rd place game of the Railways Cup pre season tournament, and the game was anything but a game.

Chelsea got 4 goals from Nicolas Anelka of all people and a goal from Frank Lampard to win 5-0.

Milan was playing without Kaka, who has been ruled out of the rest of the preseason due to injury.

Milan did almost nothing to stop the Chelsea attack which was boosted by the return of Michael Ballack, who made his first appearance for Chelsea since he finished playing for Germany in the Euro tournament.

Earlier in the week Milan goalkeeper Zeljko Kalac said that between him, Dida, and Abbiati, Milan had the best set of keepers ever. Kalac looked stupid today. Kalac played horrible and was fooled on shots he could have and should have saved.

As far as Nicolas Anelka goes, I'm still not totally convinced that he's a great player. I watched him play last season and I wasn't impressed, and I watched him during the Euro's for France and I was not impressed either. 4 goals in a preseason game can't totally wipe out a year and a half of bad play.

As a Milan fan, hopefully they can shake off this bad showing at the Railways Cup and remain focused on winning Serie A.


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Monica 08 said...

As a Chelsea fan I'm mixed. Delighted because a win is a win. Disappointed that it doesn't count, just a pre-season friendly that nobody will remember in 1 month. Too bad it wasn't in a UEFA competition.