Monday, August 25, 2008

Week 2 Premier League Results

Every team in the English Premier League has played their 2nd game of the season. Here are the results.

Liverpool   2-1 Middlesbrough
Newcastle 1-0 Bolton
Stoke 3-2 Aston Villa
Tottenham 1-2 Sunderland
West Brom 1-2 Everton
Blackburn 1-1 Hull
Fulham 1-0 Arsenal
Wigan 0-1 Chelsea
Manchester City 3-0 West Ham
Portsmouth 0-1 Manchester United

Gerrard Saves Liverpool

Liverpool escaped with 3 points against Middlesbrough thanks to a Steven Gerrard goal late in the 90th minute. The volley was classic Gerrard and it stole a draw from a Middlesbrough side that held its own the entire game.

Through 2 weeks, it is tough to say who is the best team in the Premier League. In week 1, Chelsea looked like an unstoppable force, a team that could live up to all the hype and the talent that they have. However in this week, they really didn't dominate the match or look like the same team they did in week 1. Manchester United is playing without Ronaldo, but are still getting points. I wonder how long they can continue to win games without Ronaldo. Arsenal hasn't looked good in either of their first two games, and Arsenal fans should start to worry in my opinion. 

However, it is easy to say that Deco is looking like the best signing of the summer so far.

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