Thursday, June 5, 2008

AC Milan to Sign Adebayor?

Who is the new top summer transfer target for AC Milan? 

Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor is reportedly the guy that coach Carlo Ancelotti is trying to get. 

The Italian press is reporting that Adebayor has already agreed to personal terms with Milan, which means that the only thing holding this deal back is the transfer fee.

Arsenal currently puts Adebayor's value at 32 million euro, a steep price for the man that scored 24 goals this season.

As an AC Milan fan I would love to have Adebayor on the team, but not for 32 million. I would much rather have Ronaldinho for 32 million, or better yet Drogba for 10 million less.

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Gionata said...

As a Serie A fan, I don't watch enough of the EPL as I probably should. That being said I really can't say I have watched enough matches with Adebayor to say he is worth the bother. I really liked Shevchenko and that would be a nostalgic transfer to get him back (unless he could revive his career sort of like Inzaghi). Eto'o is quality and of course all the talk of Ronaldinho. Zambrotta and Flamini were nice starting points for the transfer window and I'm sure Galliani has more tricks up his sleeve.