Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mike Diamente vs. Martin Rogers Predictions

As many of you know "Yahoo Sports Expert" Martin Rogers doesn't think too highly of me.

He thinks it's "uncool" when people disagree with his ideas. However, I came across his predictions for the Euro 08 tournament, and I have to say I'm very unimpressed.

As I said in the post below this one, of the possible 8 teams that could advance into the Quarterfinals, I got 5 correct.  Rogers got 4.

Rogers also got none of the teams from the group of death correct and said France would win group C.

Rogers also said that Greece would advance to the quarterfinals. Greece was the only team in the tournament that didn't earn 1 point.

My finals is Italy over Portugal.

Rogers is Germany over France.
     Good call on France Rogers.

This is the last thing I will write about Martin Rogers because I now realize that he honestly doesn't know what he's talking about when it comes to soccer.


Martin said...

Mate, write what you like. I probably deserved it, you caught me at a bad moment - having just missed my last train back to Geneva from Bern and spent a miserable night in a Swiss train station, and I apologise if I went over the top. By way of explanation, my problem wasn't that you disagreed with me on my blog - everyone has a right to do that. I just thought it was strange that you criticized my choice of Ronaldo as man of the match when you had him as your own joint man of the match on your site.
For what its worth I like your blog, its cleverly done and I will read your opinions with interest form this point on.

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