Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ronaldo to Leave Next Year?

Much talked about midfielder Cristiano Ronaldo supposedly told his friends that if he didn't leave Manchester United this season, he most certainly would next season.

And for those of you that believe Ronaldo's future isn't a distraction for Euro 08? ESPN is reporting that the Portugal national team is not accepting any questions relating to Ronaldo's future after repeated attempts were made to question him.

Other Transfer News:
AC Milan have supposedly admitted defeat in the signing of Barcelona midfielder Ronaldinho. 

Milan were the favorites to sign the Brazilian, however Barcelona's transfer price tag of over 30 million was just too much. 

Who is now the favorite to sign Ronaldinho? The English team Manchester City is ready to make Ronaldinho a huge offer. We will see if Ronaldinho is really ready to play for Man City, or whether he will just stick around at Barcelona.

In other news, Liverpool defender John Riise is ready to make a transfer to Coppa Italia winner A.S. Roma. 

For those of you that forgot, Riise is the Liverpool player that headed the ball into his own goal late in the first leg of Liverpool's semi-final matchup against Chelsea. 

Obviously Liverpool went on to lose in the semi's, and Riise future with the team has been in doubt ever since. Hopefully this move will prove to be good for Riise as he is a great player. 

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Monica 08 said...

That's true - the Portuguese FA banned question on Ronaldo's future at the press conferences. The reporters keep asking the players about it and some of them still answer and -in English- so it can be broadcast on TV, like Carvalho and Ferreira did.

And if it's not about Ronaldo's future, Portuguese reporters will ask them about their lesser-known teammates's future (Veloso, and Moutinho). All too distracting.