Sunday, June 29, 2008

Adebayor, Selfish?

I read a story in which Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor said that he will play like Theirry Henry when he is paid like Thierry Henry.

Now to me, this seems like an intentional arrogant statement, in order to either get a pay raise, or get an easy transfer.

Adebayor's current salary is 30,00 euro a week, and he wants that salary raised to 120,000 euro a week, a 400 percent pay raise.

Adebayor in his 6 seasons in professional soccer has never gotten over 12 goals in a season, except for this year in which he got 30.

Adebayor said, "Either Arsenal give me what I want and I stay, or they don't and I leave."

I personally think that Adebayor needs to prove that he can consistently produce for more then one season, if he is expecting to get that kind of pay. A lot of average players can get 30 goals in a season...not many can do it year after year, which a 120,000 a week salary should demand.

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Monica 08 said...

It sounds like "either get a pay raise, or get an easy transfer." Let's see how he does this season at Arsenal.