Friday, June 13, 2008

Have You Seen This Goal?

I bring to you the 3rd installment of the Goal of the Week..

The Euro tournament has had some great goals so far, which made choosing the goal of the week very difficult.

While Lukas Podolski's 2nd goal vs. Poland was excellent, Wesley Sneijder's goal vs. Italy was great, and Adra Turan's goal vs. Switzerland was great as well....

The goal of the week goes to Sweden's Zlatan Ibrahimovic for his goal vs. Greece.

The game had been scoreless, until in the 67th minute, Zlatan played a give and go on the edge of the box, and hit a picture perfect strike to the top corner of the goal. This goal was one of the purest shots I've ever seen in a game. He knew it was going in as soon as he hit it.

The last camera angle in this video gives the best look of the goal.


elef said...

not too bad bro, that goal was pretty good if i do say so myself......the second best game of the year (champions league final comes first) is coming up on tuesday bro, italy and france. Who shall win?!?!

DOm said...

I think Sneijder's goal was better.