Thursday, June 26, 2008

Arrivederci! Donadoni Out! Lippi In!

Roberto Donadoni has been removed from his position of coach of the Italian National Team.

This news comes only days after Italy was knocked out of the Euro 08 tournament by penalty kicks against Spain.

Donadoni has said that its a shame his career was ended due to a game decided on penalties.

Marcello Lippi for those that don't know, was the coach of Italy when they won the world cup in 2006. 

In my opinion, the team has not been the same since he left. 

While it is a shame that Donadoni's career was decided on a close game vs. Spain, Italy's performance in this tournament was less then great.


Monica 08 said...

Hi Mike, what a relief! For Italy's sake and its fans.

I'm surprised Donadoni with all his "experience" would say that the game on penalties decided his fate. Please. At a minimum concede no more than 1 goal per game in the Euro 2008 and get a brilliant performance by Luca Toni. Add that he didn't call Inzaghi who could've saved the quarterfinal.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is....."Life is meaningful again". ;-) Grazie a Dio !!!