Sunday, June 29, 2008

Spain Are the Champs!

Perennial underachiever's Spain defeated early tournament favorite Germany 1-0 to win the Euro 08 tournament.

This victory was Spain's first championship since the 1964 Euro.

Struggling striker Fernando Torres scored in the 33rd minute off a great pass from Xavi Hernandez.

This championship capped off a great tournament by Spain, as they were undefeated in the tournament.

My friend Ben has been spending the summer in Madrid, and he's told me how crazy the celebrations have been with each Spanish win. I can only imagine the celebrations in Spain tonight.

This game capped off what was a really enjoyable Euro tournament.

What did you think of the game, and the Euro 08 tournament?


Anonymous said...

Germany sleep-walked through this match. I was surprised at their lack of urgency. I know that analyst Tommy Smyth (a commentator I really enjoy and usually agree with) felt that Jens Lehmann didn't come off his line too early, but I feel he did.

Lehmann pulled an "Oliver Kahn" and had a bad appearance in the teams most important game. He mishandled some balls and looked a bit shaky overall.

Spain had a great tournament, but I wouldn't hype them up just yet. Take a healthy France, Italy, Germany and Holland...match them up against Spain and I bet you that they wouldn't be able to duplicate the result.

Monica 08 said...

Game: So much hype, will Ballack play, he didn't train yesterday... I knew he was going to play. He wasn't really needed. Too many fouls that Rosetti didn't 'see'.

Rosetti- 2 or 3 fouls by German players he didn't see that deserved a yellow card. Didn't look so sharp.

Torres- Decisive. San Iker consistent in all the Euro 2008

I can also imagine the celebrations in Spain. I was in Barcelona when Barca won La liga in 1999 and fans were climbing on flag poles.