Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Euro Day 5

In Day 5 we see the second round of Group A action.

Portugal beats Czech Republic 3-1

Cristiano Ronaldo didn't score in Portugal's first win over Turkey. He made sure to make much more of an impact on this game. 

Portugal opened the scoring only 8 minutes into the game after Deco forced the ball from the hands on a diving Petr Cech and pounded it through the legs of the Czech defenders.

The Czech's battled back, as they did the whole game and got a goal back off a Libor Sionko corner kick header in the 17th minute.

Ronaldo had numerous shots on goal in the first half, all of which were saved by Petr Cech.

In the 63rd minute however, Deco had the ball in right corner of the box, and found a streaking Ronaldo with a perfect pass who beat a diving Cech for his first goal of the tournament.

The Czech Republic had many shots on goal in the closing minutes, making Ricardo have to save a header over the top of the bar.

Finally Portugal put the game away in the 90th minute. Portugal won a free kick and Deco smartly kicked it downfield before any of the Czech defenders knew what was going on. The ball found Ronaldo with no one in front of him, Ronaldo drew Cech out from the goal and passed it to Quaresma who put in the easy goal.

The 3-1 victory will pretty much guarantee Portugal will advance into the Quarterfinals. 

Man of the Match honors are shared in my opinion between Ronaldo and Deco. Deco contributed on all 3 goals for Portugal, scoring the 1st one, assisting on the 2nd, and his quick kick insured a breakaway on the 3rd goal. Ronaldo could have easily had 2 goals and no assists, but made the right play and ensured his team's victory. 

Portugal looked as good as they could have hoped offensively, but Nuno Gomes and some of the defense looked shaky at times. The Czech Republic have skill in set pieces, but will have to work  hard to beat Turkey in their final game in order to advance.

A great game overall.

Men of the Match- Ronaldo and Deco

What did you think of Portugal's performance? Ronaldo's performance?

Turkey Steals a Victory Over Switzerland 2-1

A stoppage time goal from Arda Turan of Turkey put his country up 2-1, and eliminated the Euro host Switzerland from the tournament.

This game can be characterized by 1 word, wet. The field conditions for the game were slippery and wet, as the rain was coming down in buckets.

The rain proved to be an advantage for Switzerland in the 32nd minute after Turkey goalie Volkan Demirel left his goal and dove for the ball at the edge of the 18 yard box. The ball skipped along the wet grass a little farther then he expected, leaving the goal wide open for Hakan Yakin to score.

Turkey equalized after half time, off a great Semih Senturk header in the 57th minute.

The game appeared to be going to a draw until stoppage time, when Adra Turan's shot deflected off a Swiss defender and went in.

The Turkey win was the first come from behind win of the tournament and made Switzerland the first team eliminated from the tournament.

Man of the Match- Mother Nature

This win sets up an exciting Czech Republic vs. Turkey game, the winner of which will advance past the group stage.

After watching all the group A teams play I have to think Turkey will win their next game.

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Monica 08 said...

I finally got to see Quaresma play. Thank goodness he was able to be decisive thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo's pass. I would have preferred a 'tribela goal' by him, almost did one.