Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pay Per Post

Hey everyone, I don't usually do this kind of stuff, but if you guys have your own blog you should check out the website

I heard about this site from one of my friends who also has a blog. He said this site was good so I should check it out, and I did.

Its sick because there are people out there that will pay you to write about stuff your already writing about. The part I like most about the site is the fact that you can pick and choose which offers from people you would wanna write about. 

Like for me, there are people that would pay me to write stuff about soccer. I figure you might as well get paid for writing, seeing as we put in a lot of hours updating our blogs. With the money I get from this website, I can probably afford to buy more soccer gear. 

Pay per Post really is a great site to use. Everything on the website is easy to find, and any help that you need is provided for you.

So check it out if you want.

Like I said before I usually don't do this kind of stuff, but I wouldn't tell you about it if I didn't think it was worth it.

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